absentee ballot for overseas voter

Spreadsheet information

Every day a spreadsheet with the current polling data is produced as a .csv file. This format has the advantage that it can be read by all spreadsheet programs and can be manipulated by standard UNIX tools.

For people who want a prettified spreadsheet, a method is available to make one yourself quite easily. Basically, there is an Excel-97 template file available and the current spreadsheet. By combining the two, you can get the current data in a nice colorful form. To make the colorful spreadsheet, proceed as follows.

  1. Start Excel.
  2. Download and open today's .csv file containing the current polling data.
  3. Select the area from cells A1 through P52 and copy them to the clipboard.
  4. Download and open the Excel template file.
  5. Right click on cell A1 and select "Paste Special" from the menu.
  6. Select "values" from the list.
  7. Use "Save as" to save this file where you want it.

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absentee ballot for overseas voter