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News from the Votemaster

Obama Launches Massive Ad Buy in Swing States

The Obama campaign has just reserved $77 million worth of television time for ads in swing states. Below is a list of where the money is going, how many people voted in that state in 2008, and how many electoral votes it has.

State EVs 2008 Votes Ad buy $/EV $/vote
New Hampshire 4 710,970 $4,939,620 $1,234,905 $6.95
Nevada 6 967,848 $4,939,620 $823,270 $5.10
Iowa 6 1,537,123 $7,315,224 $1,219,204 $4.76
Ohio 18 5,708,350 $19,533,433 $1,085,191 $3.42
Virginia 13 3,723,260 $11,582,494 $890,961 $3.11
Colorado 9 2,401,462 $7,025,120 $780,569 $2.93
North Carolina 15 4,310,789 $7,647,844 $509,856 $1.77
Florida 27 8,390,744 $13,355,226 $494,638 $1.59

From these numbers we can compute how much is being spent to get to each voter and how much is being spent per EV that might be obtained. This might give an idea of Obama's prorities.

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---The Votemaster

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