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Breakdown of the 109th House of Representatives by Party

Data in .csv format



strong Dem Strong Dem (>30%)
weak Dem Weak Dem (15-30%)
barely Dem Barely Dem (<15%)
tied Exactly tied
barely GOP Barely GOP (<15%)
weak GOP Weak GOP (15-30%)
strong GOP Strong GOP (>30%)

This map shows the party division in the 109th House (2005-2007). For elections, a 10% difference is huge, but for the House delegations it is very small. States that are dark blue have a House delegation in which the percentage of Democrats is at least 30% more than the percentage of Republicans. This means a split of at least 65% to 35%. Light blue means a Democratic advantage of 15-30%, meaning at least 57.5% Democratic. White with a blue border means a Democratic majority, but under 57.5%. The precise reverse holds for the red states.

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absentee ballot for overseas voter