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All 435 House Races

This page lists all 435 House races sorted by district. All the district names are hyperlinked. The competitive ones lead to a descripton of the race; the others lead to a map of the district. The ones on a white background are open seats, not all of which are competitive. The second column is Charlie Cook's Partisan Voting Index, which says how much more Democratic or Republic the district is than the country as a whole. The incumbent party is marked with an asterisk and also shown on a colored background. Click on a candidate to go to his or her Wikipedia entry. The fifth column is the percentage of the vote that the winner got in 2004. The sixth column is the winner's percentage in 2008 (possibly a different person than in 2006). Races in which the winner got 55% or less are shown in purple are are likely to be competitive next time. The data are available in .csv format. The data for the 110th House, seated in January 2007, are available as a Web page and in .csv format.

The site also has a description of the Hot House races, with photos of the candidates and many links.

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