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The Loonies Are Fighting the Loomies

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is... well, if you have been on this site for a while, you know who she is and we don't have to explain. But you might not know who Laura Loomer is. She is a far-right anti-Muslim activist, white nationalist, and racist. She celebrated the deaths of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean. She's not an all-purpose bigot because she is Jewish and not antisemitic. She has been banned from multiple social media platforms for her incendiary postings, as well as being banned from payment processors, ride-hailing apps, and food-delivery apps for various reasons.

She ran for Congress in FL-21 in 2020, won the primary, but lost the general election despite working with Roger Stone. Mar-a-Lago is in FL-21 and she is immensely proud that Donald Trump literally voted for her. In 2022, she ran in FL-22 and got 44% of the vote in the primary against incumbent Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL). After Elon Musk took over Twitter, she was welcomed back and has been saying things like: "Ron and Casey DeSantis are social climbers who will NEVER be Donald and Melania Trump." She also attacked Casey DeSantis, a breast cancer survivor, for playing the "cancer survivor card." Since Loomer is only 29, she has many more years of notoriety ahead of her.

Given this resume, Donald Trump naturally wanted to hire her for his campaign. She could be the liason to much of the party. But get this: Greene has warned Trump not to hire Loomer because she is a "documented liar." That's right, she is too crazy for Greene. That is not an easy place to get to. Especially if you're not a Chicago Bears season-ticket holder. She told Trump that Loomer loves Nick Fuentes, which is probably a lie since Fuentes is very antisemitic and Loomer is not. Besides, in Trump's eyes, that is not a disqualification, as he likes Fuentes.

When this story went public, Loomer responded by calling Greene a "snake" and a "traitor." She also said that Republicans should not tear each other apart because it is Holy Week and Passover. On Friday, it can apparently start again.

According to reports, Greene has Trump's ear and he has abandoned his plans to hire Loomer. When she got word of this, Loomer blamed her not being hired on RINOs and Democrats and said she was the victim of a hit job. She continued to swear her undying loyalty to Trump, though.

Note that this is a very predictable development when it comes to extremist movements, both left and right. When they have a clear goal (e.g., overthrow the tsar, exterminate non-Aryans, impose a theocracy on Iran, elect Donald Trump), they can usually get along. But eventually, they start to bicker over what the true purpose of the movement is, and they start accusing one another of not being "true" believers. The Trumpublican faction appears to be in the early stages of this, but you should expect to see more of this sort of finger-pointing. (V)

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