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Takeaways from Trump's Indictment

Many media outlets have published lists of takeaways from Jack Smith's indictment of Donald Trump. Here are a few samples:


And this is only the first half of the list. Each of the above headlines is described in detail in the article linked to above. We get the impression that MSNBC does not like Trump very much, but we could be wrong.

The New York Times The Washington Post CNN NBC New York Daily News AP Politico

Now a couple of voices from abroad.

The Guardian BBC

A couple of things stand out here. It was all about trying to stay in power. There are six co-conspirators (which probably means more indictments later). Trump knew he lost and he lied about everything anyway. The fake electors scheme is probably important for multiple reasons. Needless to say, analysis of the indictment is going to go on for days. (V)

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