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Four Defenses Trump May Try

Now that Donald Trump has been indicted for multiple conspiracies, his lawyer, John Lauro is (hopefully for him) trying to think of how to defend him. That won't be easy but plenty of other people are throwing out ideas—but also arguments Special Counsel Jack Smith will use to poke holes in them. Here are four possible approaches Lauro could take.

All four defenses are far-fetched and Trump is not going to have a friendly judge or jury in D.C. Also, Smith may have already lined up witnesses who will counter every claim Trump could make. And this is before the likes of John Eastman, Sidney Powell, and Rudy Giuliani get indicted and have to decide if they want to save their own necks or Trump's. They may not flip, of course, hoping that Trump wins in 2024 and pardons them. But with Trump, loyalty is a one-way street. He is very unlikely to pardon any of them early in a second term because that would cause a firestorm that could lead to a massive blue wave in 2026 and possibly more impeachments. He might issue pardons on the last day of his term, but he would be 82 then, and Eastman, et al. would be taking a chance that someone who lives a lifestyle as unhealthy as Trump will even make it to Jan. 20, 2029. (V)

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