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House Republicans Know They Have to Win in Hostile Territory

Most of what you hear from Republican politicians, when you see them on TV or hear them on the radio or read them in the newspapers, is just blather. It happens with Democrats, too, of course, but today's GOP is particularly beholden to voters who demand performative politics.

When the cameras are off, however, the Republicans have plenty of pros who understand the nuts and bolts of actually winning elections (as opposed to "winning" today's news cycle). Yesterday, the Republicans' Congressional Leadership Fund released its summer 2023 strategy memo. If you want to see what politicians are really thinking, once it's time to hunker down, stop the kabuki theater, and play chess, you might want to take a gander.

If not, however, we will provide an overview. Of course the memo is a bit overly bullish about Republican chances and a bit peevish when it comes to the Democrats. But putting that aside:

Ultimately, this news isn't all that consequential, but if you're interested in some inside baseball, the memo is a pretty good example of it. (Z)

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