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The Partisan Divides Are Getting Worse

That America is highly polarized is hardly a secret, but the amount that the polarization between Democrats and Republicans has increased over the years is astounding. Here are graphs showing how the polarization has developed over the past 20 years.

Partisan divide on six issues since 2003

On gun laws, global warming, and abortion, the gap between Democrats and Republicans has grown by 24, 23, and 30 points, respectively. On two of the others, support has flipped. In 2003, Democrats thought the federal government had too much power, now Republicans think that. Of course, then there was a Republican president and now there is a Democratic one. Also, Republicans used to be more happy with K-12 education. Now Republicans are quite unhappy with it, probably because many of them believe that critical race theory is taught and kindergarteners are learning that boys can become girls and girls can become boys if they prefer that.

On some issues, partisans are moving in opposite directions. Democrats are becoming more worried about global warming and Republicans are becoming less worried. On education, Democrats are becoming happier with schools and Republicans are becoming less happy. All in all, the gaps on so many issues are enormous and largely growing. No wonder politics is so toxic. (V)

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