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DeSantis Fascism Alert: A Whole New World

We've said it before, and we will undoubtedly say it again: Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is a frightening man. There is, first of all, his comfort with implementing his political agenda through violent means. In just the past week, he has said he would like to launch drone strikes against Mexican cartels, and also that on his first day in office as president, he would "start slitting throats" of employees of the federal bureaucracy. The first threat was literal, the second figurative, but both speak to DeSantis' "maniacal psychopath" tendencies, to borrow the characterization used by (non-violent) conservative Bill Kristol.

On top of that, DeSantis is plenty comfortable with abusing democratic norms, and using every loophole he can find in order to impose his will and punish his enemies. The latest news comes out of Orlando, which is ground zero for the Governor's culture war. This particular story doesn't involve Disney, however. It involves State Attorney Monique Worrell, who is now suspended, on DeSantis' orders.

According to a statement issued by DeSantis' office, Worrell was suspended for "neglect of duty and incompetence," which means that, in his view, she was supposedly not hard enough on defendants. This doesn't come close to passing the smell test, for a number of reasons:

If any one of these seven things were true, then maybe we could squint carefully and see how the move might possibly be legitimate. Possibly even if two of the seven were true. But all seven? No, way.

Anyhow reinventing Florida as a site of violence, suppression of democracy, racial purity, draconian punishments for crimes, appeals to anger, cronyism, etc.? Again, those are among the key signifiers of fascism. We don't like writing that, but it is what it is. (Z)

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