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Biden Impeachment: It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp

We freely admit this is not really worthy of an item, since it's just Freedom Caucus hot air. But it's also too nutty to let it pass. So, we give you the latest from Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL). He was doing an interview with some Newsmax host, and decreed:

Tomorrow, I intend on filing an impeachment resolution on Joe Biden for bribery, for extortion, obstruction of justice, fraud, financial involvement in drugs and prostitution. We have all the facts and evidence now.

That's right, Steube has the "proof" that Biden is involved in prostitution. Since we doubt he's selling himself for money, he must therefore be running a pimping operation out of the White House. Or maybe it was out of Number One Observatory Circle.

For some reason—who can possibly imagine what it might be—Steube was not willing to share the evidence during his interview. Given that the other House Republicans are filled with anxiety about whether or not they will be able to impeach the President, they apparently haven't seen the evidence either. The Representative promised that he will share what he's found at a press conference this morning. Just remember what he said: "We have all the facts and evidence now." So, whatever he presents this morning should make a complete and persuasive case for his claims. Stuff that "hints at [X]" or "suggests [Y]," promises of continued investigations, etc., do not fulfill the terms of what Steube committed to.

Naturally, whatever the Representative comes up with today will be nonsense. It is win-the-lottery-level improbable that clear evidence of gross and widespread Biden venality would go uncovered for years or decades, while anyone and everyone was looking for it, only to be found by one of the dullest knives in Congress. And if such a miracle did happen, Steube wouldn't be unveiling it in this way; he'd be running to the biggest media outlet he could find, probably Fox, and giving them the dirt in exchange for hours of talk about his "heroic" scoop.

It is at least possible that these constant Freedom Caucus stunts are finally driving a wedge between that faction and the rest of the Republican conference. Also in the news yesterday were several stories like this one, about the budget. It would seem that some sizable number of House Republicans have been considering the upcoming budget fight, and the potential risk of a government shutdown, which would probably be blamed on, well, House Republicans. That sizable number of House Republicans has been pondering a very tricky maneuver in order to avoid such a fiasco. What they might well do, when push comes to shove, is... work with House Democrats to hammer out a compromise.

We will pause for a moment while readers pick themselves up off the floor, undoubtedly shocked by such brazen normalcy. It's another reminder that we now inhabit a world where "Congress may work how it was designed to work" is front-page news. (Z)

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