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Can You Identify the Woke Movie?, Part II: The Ballad of High Noon

On Wednesday, we had an item about woke movies. Specifically, we asked readers to guess which movie, from each of the following pairs, is deemed "woke" by a notable right-wing website that keeps a lengthy list of such things. Here, again, is the list:

1. Inspired by Toys:
        Transformers: Dark of the Moon

2. Disney:
        Beauty and the Beast (2017 release)
        The Lion King (1992 release)

3. World War II:
        Das Boot

4. Post-WWII American Conflicts:
        Born on the Fourth of July

5. Starring Tom Hanks:
        The Da Vinci Code
        Forrest Gump

6. Black Protagonists:
        Django Unchained
        Black Panther

7. Westerns:
        High Noon
        Blazing Saddles

8. Directed by Mel Gibson:
        The Passion of the Christ

9. Urban Corruption:

10. Presidents:

11. Amoral Tycoons:
        The Wolf of Wall Street
        Citizen Kane

12. Sci-Fi:
        Star Trek Into Darkness
        Close Encounters of the Third Kind

13. Supernatural:
        Ghostbusters (1984 release)

14. Indiana Jones:
        Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
        Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

15. James Cameron Ocean Movies:
        The Abyss

We had a couple of readers who sent in their guesses and, as it turns out, the piece reads better with some of those included. So, we're going to table the results until next Tuesday. If you still want to try your hand at guessing, then the quiz is here. And, whether you did the quiz already or not, if you're up for explaining your guess for one pair, or two, or three, please send that here. (Z)

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