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Why DeSantis Failed to Launch

After his landslide reelection as governor of Florida in 2022, many Republican Trump haters saw Ron DeSantis as the Great White Hope. They were anticipating that he would be the one to slay the Orange Dragon. The media bought into that model as well. Only it didn't happen. Why? Political analyst Amy Walter talked to Sarah Longwell, a Republican pollster and runner of focus groups, to find out what happened. Here are her conclusions, in short:

So most of what went wrong were unforced errors on his own part. His political judgment isn't so good and he doesn't take kindly to anyone on his team telling him that. He made a bunch of bad choices and when they went south, doubled down on them. Good politicians know when they need to reinvent themselves. DeSantis doesn't get it. Even now, when he's "reinventing" himself on a weekly basis, it's just cosmetic things like swapping his campaign managers. At this point, probably his only hope of becoming president is to disappear for 4-8 years, and then reemerge once memories have faded a bit, à la Richard Nixon in 1968. Of course, Nixon was a strong enough candidate that he nearly won in 1960. That's not happening for DeSantis in 2024. (V)

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