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Mike Pence's Memory Is Failing

Some people think Joe Biden (80) is too old. Others think that Donald Trump (77) is too old (as well). But the guy who has real age issues is Mike Pence. Pence is 64, but his memory is shot. He is clearly not capable of being president if elected.

He was on Meet the Press yesterday and Chuck Todd asked him if anyone in the White House (for example, the then-president) told him about the fake electors scheme. He couldn't remember. Not remembering if the president told you that he was planning to have cronies in seven states submit fake slates of electors and you should reject the real ones and accept the fake ones sounds like a symptom of early Alzheimer's disease. Most people who are told about fake slates of electors remember that quite well, at least for 4 or 5 years.

Pence apparently asked the Senate parliamentarian if there were multiple slates of electors floating about. Todd asked Pence why he posed that question to her. He said he had heard rumors about such a thing and he wanted to check it out. When Todd asked Pence if those rumors came from the White House, he didn't answer and just said that the parliamentarian had told him that she had not received multiple slates from any state. Note to Pence if you are reading this: Please go see a neurologist quickly to see if anything can be done to save your memory before it is all gone. (V)

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