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Trial of Fake Electors in Wisconsin Will Take Place Sept. 3, 2024

As we note above, Fani Willis seems to be poised to indict the 16 fake Georgia electors. They aren't the only ones in hot water. The 16 fake Michigan electors have already been indicted by Michigan AG Dana Nessel. Arizona AG Kris Mayes is also looking into the matter in her state.

But the state where a case against fake electors is the furthest along is Wisconsin. Last week, a Wisconsin state judge rejected an attempt by the 10 fake electors to dismiss a civil case against them. The case was brought by two of the actual electors and a third person. They are seeking $2.4 million in damages. The judge has scheduled the trial for Sept. 3, 2024, meaning that it will be in the news just before early voting starts. If they are found liable and ordered to pay the plaintiffs $2.4 million, it will almost certainly make it harder (or at least much more expensive) for Trump to sign up fake electors in 2024 if he loses. If fake electors have been convicted and sentenced to prison in any of the seven states where they signed false certificates in 2020, the amount Trump will have to pay to get anyone to sign a fake certificate will surely run into the millions.

One name to keep in mind is Ken Chesebro. He is one of the co-conspirators in Jack Smith's second indictment and the author of the actual memo laying out the plan describing in detail how to steal the election. However, we have to give him credit for putting his money where his mouth is. He is also one of the 10 fake Wisconsin electors and thus one of the people being sued. (V)

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