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Takeaways from Georgia

The Georgia indictment was the top item on every news site in the country. Even Fox put it on top:

Fox website the day after the Georgia indictment

Fox might be right about Georgia being a game changer since it puts together all of Trump's crimes into a nice package, with tons of evidence, and includes many co-conspirators who could turn on him (see below).

Naturally, with such a big story out there, there were plenty of "takeaway" pieces, although not from Fox. Here is a small sample:

Huffington Post MSNBC

Plus 25 more items, each with a detailed discussion.

The Daily Beast The New York Times CNN AP The Hill

We actively searched for "takeaway" pieces on right-wing media sites but couldn't find any. Most had a short piece just giving the basic facts. Among the items that stand out to us are these:

And that's today's episode of a reality show that is leaps and bounds better than The Apprentice ever was. (V)

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