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The Trump Indictment in Memes

This legal stuff is very heavy, on numerous levels. So, how about we cleanse the palate with an amuse-bouche (heavy on the amuse) of Donald Trump indictment memes? To continue the food theme, here's a baker's dozen worth of memes:

1. You might be surprised how many variants of this exact joke are floating around:

The book 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' has been
Photoshopped to add the word 'Indictments' at the end, and to include a picture of Trump, along with a few choice bits of snark, like a banner that says
'Small hands edition'

2. This picture from the movie Home Alone 2 was all over the platform formerly known as Twitter yesterday:

Trump in his one brief scene in the movie 'Home Alone 2'

It is accompanied by the caption: "Four times now, a member of the Home Alone 2 cast has been indicted on felony charges. The four: (1) Donald Trump, (2) Donald Trump, (3) Donald Trump and (4) Donald Trump."

3. It's actually kind of amazing how often Trump tweeted the exact same thing he'd tweeted previously:

A tweet says 'Be careful what you wish for' 
accompanied by half a dozen screen grabs of Trump himself tweeting out LAW AND ORDER in all caps

4. Hopefully, readers are familiar with the plot of Groundhog Day. If not, the main character (Phil Connors, played by Bill Murray, as shown here) lives through the exact same day somewhere between 100 and 30,000 times:

Bill Murray in 'Groundhog Day' with the 
caption 'Well, Donald Trump has been indicted... again'

5. This could also have been an opportunity for a lesson from The Count, but 91 is a bit much for most small children:

The 'Sesame Street' cast, along with
the caption: 'Today's Word Is RICO'

6. If you don't know Bob Ross (R.I.P.) and his catchphrase, you can learn everything you need to know in this 22-second video:

Bob Ross painting 'happy little bars' over
a picture of Trump

7. It has not escaped the attention of the world's meme-makers that Trump asked for about 12,000 votes, and he may end up being doomed by 12 votes:

A picture of Trump on the phone
with the caption 'I just want you to find 11,780 votes,' and then below that a picture of a jury with the caption
'Best we can do is 12'

8. You have to think about this one for a moment in order to get it:

It shows Trump seated on a cheese grater and
has the caption 'You've heard of elf on a shelf, now get ready for...'

If you didn't manage to solve the puzzle, it's "Traitor on a grater."

9. This is a recurrent motif; various clever ways of observing that Trump's lawyers are also his co-defendants:

Trump behind bars, scowling, with the
caption 'The face you make when you use your one phone call to call your lawyer, and the cell phone in the cell next to you rings.'

10. It would seem that some people find Trump to be a small and/or childish man:

A smallish Trump driving a child's
toy car, with the caption 'If you go after me, I'm coming after you'

11. This one is particularly biting if you recall that Trump is a part of the WWE Hall of Fame:

Four pro wrestlers, each holding up four fingers

12. Given how much Trump hates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, this one probably bites even more:

The famous picture of Barack Obama 
and Hillary Clinton laughing uproariously, with the caption 'If Trump goes to prison, it would be his first complete sentence.'

13. This meme didn't require any photoshopping at all, just a well-timed screen grab:

Hillary Clinton MSNBC, smiling, at a 
time that the chyron happens to say 'Grand Jury Returns 10 Indictments in Trump Probe

Is this item a little silly? Yes, yes it is. But we do live in a world where memes like these are a significant form of mass communication. In fact, it would be fair to say that more people will learn about Trump's indictments in this way than they will through, say, CNN's primetime coverage. So, it's worth taking a look. (Z)

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