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Trump's Bond in Georgia Has Been Set at $200,000

Yesterday, Donald Trump reached an agreement with Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis about the terms of his release pending his trial. He will have to post a $200,000 bond and agree to certain restrictions. Trump can either pay the $200,000 himself (which will be returned if he abides by all the terms) or if he can find a bail bondsman who trusts him, and pay only $20,000, but that won't be returned, even if he shows up when ordered to.

The restrictions are as follows: First, Trump is not allowed to communicate with witnesses or co-defendants except through his lawyers. Second, he is forbidden from threatening anyone related to the case and that specifically includes posts or reposts on social media. Third, he may not violate any state or federal law. And, of course, he has to show up when the judge orders him to do so. The order is signed by Willis and Trump's attorneys, Drew Findling, Marissa Goldberg, and Jennifer Little (see below). The agreement is only about his bail. He still has to appear for his arraignment before Friday. Then the judge will ask him if he is innocent or guilty. The smart money is betting on him saying he is innocent.

It is well known that Trump's strategy for dealing with everyone is to try to dominate them. How that will work with a judge in a criminal case is uncharted territory. Suppose he posts something to his boutique social media site that threatens a witness or co-defendant? Then what will the judge do? He could revoke bail and put Trump in jail, but would he? If Georgia law allows it, he could possibly fine Trump for violating the conditions. We may find out before long what happens when Trump tries to show the young judge who's the boss. (V)

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