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Biden Campaign Predicts a MAGAfest at the Debate

The first Republican primary debate is tomorrow and Joe Biden's campaign is making a prediction about it. The prediction, in the form of a memo from communications director Michael Taylor, says that almost all the candidates will vie for the title of MAGA-iest of them all. They will all be conspiracy theorists and election deniers, defend the people who tried to destroy our democracy, support tax cuts for the rich, ban all abortions, support the NRA, and be 100% behind the rest of Donald Trump's agenda. The memo specifically calls out Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Nikki Haley for campaigning for election deniers in the past.

One thing Taylor missed, but it likely to come up multiple times, is immigration and Donald Trump's failed plan to build a wall on the Mexican border. That was always a key reason so many people supported him. It is hard to imagine any of candidates failing to take a very hard-line position on immigration. All of them will surely agree stopping all undocumented immigration is a priority. The only disagreement might be about whether legal immigration should be sharply curtailed as well. The problem here is that while the base is against all immigration, big business likes the idea of importing workers in agriculture, tech, and other fields to help keep wages down, since immigrants are frequently prepared to work for much less than Americans will accept. Of course, one way out is to use vague generalities that don't say anything.

Other Democrats are hoping for a MAGAfest. They want the Republicans to say on national television what they have been saying out on the stump. Biden has said he won't watch the debate, but many other Democrats will. Here are some of the things they will be looking for:

Anything can happen. Or nothing. (V)

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