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Priorities, Priorities...

We say again, it's a slow week for political news, so we have to work extra hard to find interesting things to talk about. For example, Wikipedia just released its list of the most viewed articles of 2023. Here it is:

Rank 2023
1 ChatGPT
2 Deaths in 2023
3 2023 Cricket World Cup
4 Oppenheimer (film)
5 J. Robert Oppenheimer
6 Cricket World Cup
7 Jawan (film)
8 Taylor Swift
9 The Last of Us (TV series)
10 Pathaan (film)
11 Barbie (film)
12 Premier League
13 The Idol (TV series)
14 Cristiano Ronaldo
15 United States
16 Matthew Perry
17 Lionel Messi
18 Animal (2023 film)
19 Elon Musk
20 India
21 Avatar: The Way of Water
22 Lisa Marie Presley
23 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
24 Leo (2023 Indian film)
25 Andrew Tate

Clearly, people are most interested in popular entertainment, sports, dead celebrities and scandalous celebrities.

Now, let us add in the lists for 2020 and 2016:

Rank 2023 2020 2016
1 ChatGPT COVID-19 pandemic Donald Trump
2 Deaths in 2023 Donald Trump Deaths in 2016
3 2023 Cricket World Cup Deaths in 2020 Prince (musician)
4 Oppenheimer (film) Kamala Harris United States presidential election, 2016
5 J. Robert Oppenheimer Joe Biden Suicide Squad (film)
6 Cricket World Cup Coronavirus List of Bollywood films of 2016
7 Jawan (film) Kobe Bryant David Bowie
8 Taylor Swift COVID-19 pandemic by country and territory Melania Trump
9 The Last of Us (TV series) Elizabeth II Captain America: Civil War
10 Pathaan (film) 2020 United States presidential election Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
11 Barbie (film) Spanish flu Hillary Clinton
12 Premier League Elon Musk Deadpool (film)
13 The Idol (TV series) 2016 United States presidential election Elizabeth II
14 Cristiano Ronaldo Coronavirus disease 2019 United States
15 United States Michael Jordan Muhammad Ali
16 Matthew Perry COVID-19 pandemic in the United States Pablo Escobar
17 Lionel Messi COVID-19 pandemic in India Barack Obama
18 Animal (2023 film) Sushant Singh Rajput Game of Thrones
19 Elon Musk QAnon The Revenant (2015 film)
20 India Chadwick Boseman UEFA Euro 2016
21 Avatar: The Way of Water Parasite (2019 film) Star Wars: The Force Awakens
22 Lisa Marie Presley United States Game of Thrones (season 6)
23 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon 2016 Summer Olympics
24 Leo (2023 Indian film) YouTube Carrie Fisher
25 Andrew Tate United States Electoral College O.J. Simpson

We often observe that, until the election cycle really heats up, most people aren't paying attention. This struck us as an opportunity to back that with at least a smidgen of data. We put overtly political articles in purple; none such appear in the 2023 list, but several appear in the two election year lists. Of course, even in election years, politics is just another item on the "interest" list, along with the evergreens of dead celebrities, popular movies and sports.

We could have added extra purple cells if we had included politics-related stuff, like the COVID articles. It starts to get tricky, though, because there are some entries that seem like they might be about following politics, but really aren't. For example, every time a British royal shows up, it's not because of U.K. politics, but instead because of people watching the show The Crown.

Anyhow, this is hardly a doctoral dissertation when it comes to rigor, but we think it's interesting nonetheless. (Z)

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