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The State of the Union Is Strong

That phrase is the clichéd way that presidents usually begin their annual State of the Union address. Joe Biden, for his part, stuck it at the end of his SOTU last night, so he mixed it up a little. Still, the headline isn't meant as a reference to that; it's our judgment of the speech as a whole. A few (expected) verbal gaffes notwithstanding, Biden delivered a speech that was overall very effective.

If you did not watch the address, and you wish to do so, here is the official White House feed:

As is customary these days, the feed includes a sign-language interpreter. Hopefully you don't actually need the interpreter, though, because she was filmed in a manner that often caused her hands to be outside the frame. Very odd. After all, exactly how many things did that cameraman need to get right? Aim the camera correctly and push the "on" button, and he blew 50% of that.

SOTUs are, by their nature, a little dry. And so, SOTU write-ups tend to be a little dry. We're going to change the format of our assessment a bit, to try to compensate for that:

And there you have it; another State of the Union in the books. CNN's Flash Poll says that the great majority of viewers (71%) liked what they heard, so maybe the speech will move the needle on Biden's approval (though we still doubt it). On a similar note, we are planning to run some reader comments on the speech tomorrow or Friday, so if you have them, please speak up! (Z)

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