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State of the Union Takeaways

The State of the Union is important enough, and is early enough in the evening, that all the major outlets already have takeaways. Note that we deliberately do not look at these pieces until we've written our own assessment. So, if we're a near-duplicate of one or more of them, or if we seem to have watched an entirely different speech, now you know why. Anyhow, here they are:


The New York Times:

BBC News:

The Hill:

ABC News:

NBC News:

The Washington Post:


The central themes would seem to be: Biden looked pretty good for an old fella, the give-and-take with Republicans, and setting the stage for the 2024 campaign. It would appear that we did indeed watch the same speech.

We'd like to give you some takeaways from right-wing outlets, but other than the paywalled Wall Street Journal, we couldn't come up with any. The Foxes of the world just don't do those very often, and certainly not for speeches by prominent Democrats. (Z)

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