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Oh, And Just One More Thing...

Most readers will be familiar with the TV show Columbo. While American TV is full of police procedurals, that particular program flipped the usual script by showing you the crime and the criminal at the very beginning. The drama was in watching the titular detective, played masterfully by Peter Falk, figure out what the audience already knew, and to eventually nab the evil-doer.

We mention this because Donald Trump's involvement in the events of 1/6 kinda feels like an episode of Columbo. We all know what happened, we all know who did it, and now we all get to watch while the G-men chip away at the case, just like the police lieutenant. Yesterday came another small step toward the moment when the perp is outmanned, outgunned, and out of luck.

Specifically, Special Counsel Jack Smith is currently in pursuit of Trump attorney Evan Corcoran. Smith and his team believe that Corcoran is in possession of information that the feds need, and that has been withheld under the umbrella of attorney-client privilege. Team G-men needs to overcome those claims of privilege, and one circumstances in which privilege does not apply is if the attorney participated in furtherance of a crime. So, that is precisely what Smith argued in a court filing yesterday, that Corcoran is helping Trump to commit a crime.

That is worth repeating: We now have a formal court filing from the Special Counsel that asserts that Trump committed a crime of some sort. An accusation is not proof, or a conviction, but it's one big step along that road. And when prosecutors like Smith are convinced that someone has committed a crime, well, we all know what they tend to do with that. (Z)

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