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O'Keefe Gets a Dose of Veritas

Speaking of right-wing propagandists, we noted last week that James O'Keefe, the sleazy founder of Project Veritas, had been placed on paid leave. It turns out that he exposed the organization to a number of lawsuits, some related to illegal business practices, and some related to a hostile workplace environment. The board of Project Veritas was trying to decide if they could soldier on without their founder.

Yesterday, the board decided that the answer to the question is: "Yes, we can." So, they gave O'Keefe his walking papers. He responded to this with a very strange 45-minute video rant, wherein he appears to be under the influence of something. Maybe he hit DT Jr. up for some Bolivian marching powder. In the video, O'Keefe says he has no idea why he was fired, though he acknowledges only that he was sometimes "very hurried" when interacting with underlings. Sounds like a guy who's learned a valuable lesson from all of this.

Presumably, O'Keefe will have no problem catching on with the Republican presidential campaign of his choice. He seems like the sort of staffer that Ron DeSantis, in particular, would love to have. Meanwhile, Project Veritas has lost its heart and soul. Well, OK, it probably doesn't have a soul, but it's lost its heart. Well, OK, probably no heart there, either. Let's just say it lost its primary source of dark energy. We shall see if it's able to keep on keepin' on, especially since O'Keefe drove a huge chunk of the donations the organization. (Z)

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