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C'mon Fani, Time for the Other Shoe to Drop

Emily Kohrs was the foreperson of the grand jury responsible for recommending charges related to 2020 election interference in Georgia. We would think that someone like that should not be talking to the media, and certainly should not be sharing details about the grand jury's findings. It would seem that we are in error about that, however, as Kohrs sat for an interview with CNN yesterday, and dropped quite a few juicy tidbits.

Kohrs was not willing to name names, presumably having been warned not to by her lawyer, or by Judge Robert McBurney, or by Fulton County DA Fani Willis. However, here are some of the things that Kohrs did reveal:

There isn't a whole lot more to be said here, other than: "Your move, Fani." If the DA doesn't make a decision fairly soon, then everything's going to leak out anyhow, either thanks to jurors willing to give strongly suggestive comments to the media, or a judge who's already expressed an inclination to release more of the grand jury's report. (Z)

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