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Most Committee Chairs Are Now Known

One of the things the MAGA 20 rammed down Kevin McCarthy's throat is a set of rules that strips him of much of his power and gives it to the committee chairs. Consequently, who runs the committees is of critical importance. Most of the assignments are now known. Here are the leaders of the major committees. For the fun of it, we also listed the ranking members. Except on a handful of committees, which handle matters that are not terribly controversial (like Science, Space, and Technology), the ranking member will have no say in how the committee operates or what it investigates.

Committee Chair (R) Ranking member (D) Notes
Agriculture Glenn Thompson (PA) David Scott (GA) A new 5-year farm bill is needed this year.
Appropriations Kay Granger (RX) Rosa DeLauro (CT) Granger will not tolerate any cuts to military spending.
Armed Services Mike Rogers (AL) Adam Smith (WA) Rogers wants to increase the Pentagon's budget.
Budget Jodey Arrington (TX) Brendan Boyle (PA) Arrington will have a tough job getting a budget through.
Education Virginia Foxx (VA) Robert Scott (VA) Foxx had this job from 2017 to 2019.
Energy & Commerce Cathy Rodgers (WA) Frank Pallone (NJ) Rodgers will focus on gas prices, fentanyl, and COVID-19.
Ethics Michael Guest (R-MS) Susan Wild (PA) George Santos is on the to-do list here.
Financial Services Patrick McHenry (NC) Maxine Waters (CA) Oversight of the regulators is on the menu, also cryptocurrencies.
Foreign Affairs Michael McCaul (TX) Gregory Meeks (NY) The withdrawal from Afghanistan will be front and center.
Homeland Security Mark Green (TN) Bennie Thompson (MS) Green is a member of the Freedom Caucus. It will be wild.
House Administration ? Joseph Morelle (NY) The Committee has overisght over the Capitol police and Library of Congress.
Intelligence Michael Turner (OH) Not Adam Schiff (CA) Turner is a staunch China hawk.
Judiciary Jim Jordan (OH) Jerrold Nadler (NY) Jordan is a real firebrand. Nadler is a tough NYC brawler. Expect fireworks.
Natural Resources Bruce Westerman (AR) Raul Grijvala (AZ) Westerman wants oil and gas drilling on public land.
Oversight & Accountability James Comer (K) ? Hunter Biden's laptop lives here.
Rules Tom Cole (OK) Jim McGovern (MA) Will Cole be able to manage this unruly committee?.
Science, Space & Tech Frank Lucas (OK) Zoe Lofgren (CA) The panel oversees NASA, NSF, NOAA. Probably no big fights.
Small Business Roger Williams (TX) Nydia Velazquez (NY) Williams wants to look at fraud (perhaps the $1 million he got during COVID-19?).
Transportation & Infrastructure Sam Graves (MO) Rick Larsen (WA) Graves will investigate the 2022 infrastructure law.
Veterans' Affairs Mike Bost (IL) Mark Takano (CA) Bost initially opposed benefits for vets exposed to burn pits.
Ways and Means Jason Smith (MO) Richard Neal (MA) Smith wants to extend those parts of the 2017 Tax Cut Act that are expiring.

In a few cases, the choice of chairman or ranking member is not final. One post that is going to be controversial is the ranking member of the Intelligence Committee. The old chairman was Adam Schiff, but McCarthy hates Schiff and will try to remove him from the Committee altogether. (V)

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