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Willis' Judgment Cometh and That Right Soon

At the moment, Georgia Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney is considering whether or not to make public the report produced by the special grand jury in its investigation of efforts by Donald Trump and others to overturn the 2020 election results. We would certainly like to see that report, and so we've been watching the proceedings in anticipation of his decision.

Things just got considerably more interesting, however. Fulton County DA Fani Willis, like most prosecutors, would prefer not to lay her cards on the table until she absolutely has to. And so, she's been in court trying to persuade McBurney to cool his jets. And as part of that argument, she said something yesterday that is going to make a lot of people's ears perk up: The grand jury recommended several indictments, and there's no need to jump the gun, because her decision about those indictments is "imminent."

We do not know anything more than that. However, here are our impressions based on that information:

Adding it up, and we would guess that Trump ends up indicted in Georgia sometime before April 1. Undoubtedly, many Americans and many readers of this site will be watching eagerly to see if that is the case, or if the catlike Trump expends yet another of his apparently limitless supply of lives and manages to dodge yet another legal bullet. (Z)

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