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Scavenger Hunt, Part III: Christmas in July

Now we're getting some scavenger hunt momentum. Here's the list of questions, in case any readers still want to participate, and send in submissions for the six items still pending after today (#3 through #8):

  1. The single photograph or image that best encapsulates the Trump presidency. (Part 1) (Part 2)
  2. Something that would make a terrible Christmas gift for Joe Biden.
  3. A book that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell would never, ever read. (Submit here)
  4. A t-shirt that would be very apropos for Chief Justice John Roberts to wear. (Submit here)
  5. The wisest, most insightful, or most pithy quote ever to be uttered by a politician or political figure (need not be limited to Americans). (Submit here)
  6. The worst bumper sticker, button, yard sign or other campaign-related ephemera in U.S. history. (Submit here)
  7. A portrayal of a key figure in U.S. history—image, song, verse, book, etc.—that is even more ridiculous than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. (Submit here)
  8. This isn't exactly a scavenger hunt type question, but we're going with it anyhow. Finish this joke: "Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and Hillary Clinton walk into a bar..." (Submit here)

And now, some inappropriate Christmas gifts for Joe Biden (in addition to copies of The Art of the Deal and "a MAGA hat," each suggested by many readers):

A.H. in Atlanta, GA, writes: Come On, Man!: The Truth About Joe Biden's Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Presidency, by Joe Concha

B.O. in Hadley, MA, writes: One terrible gift for Joe Biden would be How to Speak in Public, by Peter Coyte and Neil Kinnock. Those of us around in the '80s will remember why! Unfortunately, there is no Collected Speeches of Neil Kinnock, so this is the closest I could get.

B.P. in Cheshire, NY, writes:

A bike rack for a Corvette

S.C. in Mountain View, CA, writes: "A gift in your honor has been given to the Republican National Committee in the amount of $41,300."

D.S. in Washington, DC, writes: Anthology of British Tongue-Twisters, by Ken Parkin

E.P. in Bailey County, TX, writes:

A chia pet Donald Trump head

H.S. in Lake Forest, CA, writes: The worst possible Christmas gift for Joe Biden is, of course, a pack of Trump Digital Trading Cards.

B.H. in Westborough, MA, writes: Memory Games for Seniors: A Large Print XXL Puzzle Activity Book with 501 Exciting and Funny Brain Exercises to Increase Cognitive Abilities, by Keep Your Mind Young

J.L. in Los Angeles, CA, writes:

A Christmas ornament that says 'I saw Biden sniffing Santa Claus'

S.K. in Drexel Hill, PA, writes: Perhaps the president would not enjoy receiving this: Hunter: The Complete Series (DVD)

M.M. in San Diego, CA, writes: A baseball cap with a Burisma logo

D.E. in Lancaster, PA, writes: What man who has everything wouldn't want this?

A Trump shirt with him wrestling an alligator

B.C. in Walpole, ME, writes: A surprise from Hunter. Any surprise from Hunter at all.

T.A. in Goshen, KY, writes: The worst Christmas gift for Joe Biden would be the country tipping into recession. The same thing happened to George H.W. Bush and it cost him the presidency.

M.E.T. in Garden City, NY, writes:

A Harris for President bumper sticker

McConnell books in the next entry! (Z)

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