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Only 10 Percent of Americans Say Democracy Is Working Very Well

A new AP/NORC poll shows Americans are not happy about the state of democracy in the U.S. Only one in 10 say that democracy is working very well or extremely well. Another 40% say it is working somewhat well and an additional 49% say it is not working well at all. This is not a great report card for democracy.

The poll also shows that 53% agree with the statement that the government does not represent the views of people like them. Only 12% say it does. When you get down in the weeds, it gets even worse. About two-thirds of Americans say that government policies on immigration, government spending, abortion, and guns are not representative of most Americans' views. Almost as many say that about the economy as well as about LGBTQ issues and health care and the environment.

In short, Americans are angry with the government. But the problem is that they don't agree on the solution. This is largely partisanship at work. Democrats believe that if conservatives would just all be raptured up into the sky and Democrats could carry out their policies, things would be fine. Republicans believe that if liberals would all go to Hell, where they belong, things would be hunky dory. Basically, the center has been hollowed out and the extremes are balanced extremely closely so neither side can do anything. If one of them gained enough power for 4 years to carry out its program, then half the country would be happy and say that democracy is working very well. But that doesn't seem likely at the moment. Still, it is an ominous sign when so few people say that democracy is working. (V)

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