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There Could Be Up to Four Black Women in the Next Senate

Currently there are no Black women in the Senate, but it is almost certain there will be at least one, and maybe even four, if all the stars align for the Democrats in 2024. The reason that there is a serious chance that there could be as many as four Black women in the next Senate is that there are open seats in three deep blue state, plus an open seat in one swing state, with Black women running in all four races. Let's look at them from most likely to least likely:

Black women do not have a good track record winning Senate elections. There have been only two Black female senators in all of U.S. history, Carol Moseley Braun and Kamala Harris. In 2022, Cheri Beasley ran in North Carolina and lost and Val Demings ran in Florida and lost. Still, it is almost certain that at least one of the Black women running for the Senate in 2024 will make it. (V)

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