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The Democrats House Plan Has Leaked Out

In politics, not a lot stays secret very long. Specifically, Politico got a copy of the DCCC's plan to take back the House. Here is the story about it and here is the actual text of the plan.

The main theme, to paraphrase in the manner the DCCC would paraphrase, is "attack the Republicans as extremists who have an agenda that doesn't work for ordinary Americans." Roughly summarized, it looks like this:

What Republicans want What Democrats want
Giveaways for rich people while protecting tax cheats Cutting taxes for middle-class Americans
Ban abortion nationwide Protect abortion and make healthcare more affordable
Play stunts like holding FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt Make sure law enforcement is properly funded
Wasting time impeaching DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Seek bipartisan compromise on immigration reform
Impeach Joe Biden for creating 13 million jobs Build an economy that works for all Americans

The plan will be rolled out in 31 districts where the Republican looks vulnerable. In 18 of these, Joe Biden carried the district in 2020. The others are swing districts. Most likely, the major focus will be on abortion and taxes as most Americans probably have no clue who Mayorkas is. (V)

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