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This Week in Schadenfreude: And It Feels So Good

If we had taken the first headline to its logical conclusion, this would have followed "Re-Indicted." That would not have been apropos for that item, but it does work for this one, we would say.

As you may have heard, there are quite a few people who do not like Donald Trump. This disdain may be rooted in any or all of the following:

This is not an exhaustive list, of course, the point is just that Trump has earned a lot of enmity in his life. And so, it's no surprise that his second indictment (and counting) resulted in much celebration yesterday.

We actually had a different story all cued up for this space, but we felt we could not ignore the 800-pound-orangutan in the room, namely the tidal wave of schadenfreude that was released yesterday in the late afternoon. To that end, we present a baker's dozen worth of memes that were widely circulated on social media yesterday:

1. Sharknado:

A great white shark labeled
'DOJ' jumps from the ocean and ensnares the Trump airplane

2. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) will love this one:

A pair of tiny handcuffs

3. Democratic schadenfreude, Part I:

It shows Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and 
Barack Obama talking to each other on the phone, gleefully celebrating Trump's indictment

4. Democratic schadenfreude, Part II:

It says 'raise your hands
if you've never been indicted' and shows photos of the Obamas, Clintons and Bidens waving from Air Force One, while 
Trump sits with his head in his hands

5. Democratic schadenfreude, Part III:

It shows 
Barack Obama talking to Trump, and says: 'A copy of my birth certificate is stapled to your indictment.'

6. This one has something of an Andy Warhol feel to it:

Trump cruicifed, but on a McDonald's sign

7. Gazing into the crystal ball:

A picture of a prison, 
with speech bubbles that say 'I need my lawyer, Rudy Giuliani,' 'I'm down here, Mr. President,' and 'Is that you,
dad?' The implication is that Trumps Sr. and Jr. and Giuliani have all been imprisoned

8. That kompromat isn't so valuable any more:

Vlad Putin crying

9. Now you know what a senator's press operation looks like:

Susan Collins spins a
Wheel-of-Fortune type wheel, and each space has a weasel word on it like 'concerned' or 'troubled'

10. Something to brag about:

It says: 'Trump
finally wins the popular vote... with a grand jury

11. This will soon be on t-shirts, if it's not already:

It's a parody of a Trump 
2024 placard, and says 'Trump 20-24 years'

12. Simple, but effective:

It says: 'Second indictment
already? But I still have my first indictment decorations up'

13. Ibid.:

Starting with the somewhat famous
picture of Jack Smith in his jurist's robes from The Hague, someone has Photoshopped a crown on his head and added the caption:
'Bring me the one with the orange face... he amuses me.

Not every reader of this site was pleased to hear about Trump's indictment, but probably 99.99% of you were. If you're in that 99.99%, this "This Week in Schadenfreude" entry is for you. (Z)

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