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Governors Matter

The Republican-controlled Arizona state legislature, like so many other Republican-controlled legislatures, just passed a "bathroom bill" that would restrict students to using the bathroom corresponding to the sex listed on their birth certificate, require them to stay in the sleeping quarters for children of their birth sex on overnight school trips, etc. Nothing new here. The only difference with the other states is that Arizona governor Katie Hobbs is a Democrat and she promptly vetoed the bill and announced that she would veto any more bills that target LGBTQ youth.

The Republicans have a 16-13 majority in the Arizona state Senate, with one (Democratic-leaning) vacancy. They also have a 31-28 majority in the state House with one (Democratic-leaning) vacancy. Consequently, overriding Hobbs' veto is impossible. The close balance of both chambers means that in 2024, if the Democrats were to pay attention to state races (which they traditionally don't), they would realize they actually have a shot at flipping both the state Senate and the state House. If they win the vacant seats, then they need to flip only two seats in each chamber to take control. Given that Arizona is a swing state now, a Democratic trifecta could repeal all the voter suppression laws passed in the past and pass new election laws—for example, going to an all-mail election, like nearby Utah and Colorado. (V)

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