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Ivanka Has Vanished

With all the fuss about Donald Trump's second indictment, one person seems to be missing in action: Ivanka Trump. She has disappeared from Miami and according to a report, will stay as far from Daddy as she can. The last time her father was indicted, Ivanka said: "I love my father and I love my country. Today, I am pained for both. I appreciate the voices across the political spectrum expressing support and concern." Who expressed concern? Probably Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME). That's her speciality. In any event, Ivanka is going to steer clear of all this, lest the Saudis withdraw the $2 billion they gave genius investor Jared Kushner to manage.

In contrast, Melania Trump is said to be standing by her man. That makes sense. Her main concern is her son, Barron Trump, now 17. She wants Donald to pay for his college. By sticking with him for four more years, Barron will be a college graduate and she will no longer be so beholden to her husband. She lived separately from him for years, in Potomac, MD, with Barron and her parents, but when he moved to Florida, she joined him.

Once Barron has graduated from college, Melania could divorce her husband and ghost-write the mother of all tell-all books, but not yet. (V)

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