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Biden Had a Basal Cell Carcinoma Removed Last Month

During his annual physical exam last month, Joe Biden's doctor removed a basal cell carcinoma from his chest. If you are going to get cancer, doctors agree, this is the type to get. They can grow, but they rarely spread and can be easily removed. Biden's doctor said he is cured and no further treatment is needed.

Jill Biden also had a basal cell carcinoma removed earlier this year. They are quite common.

So there will be no medical impact, but what about political impact? That could be much worse. If Biden runs for reelection, there will be Republicans saying: "Biden has cancer and when he dies, you're going to get Kamala Harris as president. How do you like Dem apples?" Of course, this is extremely misleading since the entire carcinoma was removed and they don't grow back. Also, basal cell carcinomas are rarely deadly, unlike the much less frequent melanomas. But not everyone understands this and Republicans are sure to try to make hay from it. (V)

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