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Why the Trans Hate?, Part I

About a month ago, we ran an item headlined "Trans Is The New Abortion?," which was basically a shorter version of the item above, noting that Donald Trump was getting ready to make anti-trans rhetoric a big part of his platform for 2024.

That weekend, we got a letter from P.R. in Arvada about the subject; that letter began thusly:

Your item "Trans Is The New Abortion" got me wondering why people hate trans people so much. One of the biggest changes I have made in myself was becoming an atheist (a very long time ago). One thing that forced me to do was to justify my feelings towards others. There was no longer a book or "pillar of the community" I could look towards to justify hating groups of people. The result of that was a quick realization that my previous negative opinions of other groups were not based on anything I truly believed, and so I went from dislike of other groups to a more apathetical—I don't care about the label you have been given, I either like you as a person or I don't.

After running through a few possibilites, all of them deemed unsatisfactory, P.R. concluded:

I can't figure out why anyone would truly be against trans people. Maybe someone can explain to me why they feel trans people should be discriminated against and how they justify it. The trans people I personally know are some of the nicest people I have the pleasure of knowing. They have had a lot of hate thrown at them and their journey has been far from easy. I may not truly understand what they went through or why they made the decisions they did but I do know it wasn't a spur-of-the-moment thing or to have a chance at winning a medal or some other petty reason. Just once it would be nice to see people on the right stand up and tell their representatives that they do not support this kind of baseless hatred of people. Of course, maybe it isn't baseless, and they can actually justify their position. Somehow I doubt it, though.

We actually got a sizable number of good and thoughtful responses, a bit too much for the mailbag, actually. And so, we're going to run some of 'em right now:

Thanks, folks! We'll run some more tomorrow, which means there is still time for additional comments. (Z)

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