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The Word Cup, Part XIII: Group F vs. Group H (Presidential Candidates, 21st Century)

Yesterday, we ran the results for Group F, presidential candidates' slogans from World War II to the end of the 20th century. And several readers caught an error we made; the two entrants that advance to the knockout round are actually "I Like Ike" and "Give 'em Hell, Harry!" In other words, the Chicago Daily Tribune isn't the only outlet to falsely award victory to an opponent of Harry S. Truman.

Here are the results for the last group of presidential slogans. Don't forget that we've decided that any matchup decided by less than 5% of the vote will count as a tie (winners in bold):

Slogan 1 Pct. Slogan 2 Pct.
Hope 88.7% Feel the Bern! 11.3%
Hope 99.7% Jeb! 0.3%
Hope 50.8% Make America Great Again 49.2%
Feel the Bern! 81.9% Jeb! 18.1%
Feel the Bern! 40.1% Make America Great Again 59.9%
Jeb! 4.4% Make America Great Again 95.6%

That produces these results for Group F:

Slogan W L T
Hope 2 0 1
Make America Great Again 2 0 1
Feel the Bern 1 2 0
Jeb! 0 3 0

Jeb! took a beating. And, for that matter, so did Jeb. "Hope" and "Make America Great Again" make the cut, with Hope as the higher seed. That means the next round will be two Democratic slogans against two Republican slogans.

Here are reader comments on this round:

P.W. in Tulalip Nation, WA: Though both are extremely notable and consequential, "Hope" begat "MAGA," therefore, "Hope" trumps "MAGA." Irony, anyone?

B.A.R. in South Bend, IN: For me, "Hope" will always win out over "MAGA." While the latter has definitely been impactful, it has been in a very negative way. The former helped a transformative candidate win in my conservative state, the first time since LBJ did it in '64. And THAT is sayin' something!

J.M. in Stamford, CT: This was hateful but I have to be honest with myself. #1 MAGA. As you say, I'm not a fan in any way but who can deny that this slogan, and not just the movement or candidate it represented, has burned itself into the political vocabulary of our era. Hands down.

#2 Feel the Bern. Again, not a fan. But at least it's witty and affectionate and self-mocking and very very clear. As as you say, representative of at least a minor political movement on the left side of things.

#3 Hope. I'm a huge Obama fan but I don't associate the slogan "Hope" with his campaign even though it seems I ought to. I think the poster had far more impact than the word.

#4 Jeb!. Clearly stupid last and only in the contest because you still love to mock the guy and his gormless campaign. I agree that "I'm With Her" was just as stupid, and "Build Back Better" is only a tiny bit, well, better. But do stupid, misguided slogans even really belong in a contest about impact?

D.L-O. in North Canaan, CT: I voted for "MAGA" over several other slogans as most impactful. Much as I hate the slogan, in the spirit of fairness I can't argue against it as much more impactful, unfortunately in a negative way, than Jeb! or some of the other slogans on the list.

S.R. in Raleigh, NC: Hope defeats Feel the Bern—Let's face it, the point of a presidential campaign slogan is to get the candidate elected. "Hope" did that and "Feel the Bern" didn't, so we know who wins this.

Hope defeats Jeb!—See above

Hope defeats Make America Great Again—Looking at the slogans only, these two have a few things in common. Neither is terribly original, neither really says all that much, and both managed to get their candidates elected. So why pick "Hope" over MAGA? The official reason I'm giving is because Obama got re-elected and Trump did not. But I think everyone knows the real reason is because Trump is a **** ******* **** **** ************.

Feel the Bern defeats Jeb!—FtB might not have helped Sanders' campaign, but at least it didn't torpedo it.

Make America Great Again defeats Feel the Bern—MAGA got its candidate the White House (albeit with a little help from the idiotic Electoral College), while FtB didn't even get its candidate the nomination. Also—and I freely admit this is dark—if we're talking about impact, one has to acknowledge that MAGA is the only one in this group that literally has a body count.

Jeb! defeats Make America Great Again—I make no bones about it: This is a sympathy vote. Please clap.

J.H. in Tulalip, WA: And here I thought "Please clap!" was Jeb's slogan.

Here is the newest ballot. We'll be doing the final rounds starting on Monday, so you've got until Monday at noon to vote. As always, we welcome comments on this round.

Also, we are still accepting suggestions for possible subjects for this year's NCAA Bracket-style competition. (Z)

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