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Trump Is Considering Four Women for Veep

Axios has a scoop on who Donald Trump is considering for his running mate. According to Axios' sources, Trump knows he has a massive problem with college-educated suburban women and is thinking about how he can fix that, especially since the Democratic veep candidate is almost certainly going to be a woman (i.e., Kamala Harris). The sources say Trump is seriously looking at these women, each of whom has different strengths and weaknesses from his point of view.

Our take is that Lake is a sore loser, which Americans don't like, Haley is unlikely to be Trump's choice because of her lack of enthusiasm for election denial and her heritage. Sanders is totally and completely unqualified to become president on a moment's notice if it comes to that. That leaves Noem as the most logical choice, since she is both very Trumpy and has both legislative and executive experience. She doesn't have any foreign policy experience, but she can surely pick a suitable secretary of state and let the secretary handle foreign policy. Or she can just leave Trump's pick in place. (V)

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