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The Votes Are In

For the upcoming NCAA Bracket-style tournament, we put two dozen reader suggested themes up for a vote. And now, we can announce the winner. First, though, the other possibilities that finished in the Top 10:

  1. Best American city in which to live
  2. "Profiles in Courage" in American history
  3. Most important laws passed by Congress
  4. The most important issues of the 2024 presidential cycle
  5. Best political comedy of all time
  6. Most important women in U.S. history
  7. Historical figures who deserve broader recognition
  8. Most important events in U.S. history
  9. Best solutions to issues facing the United States today

And the runaway winner: Worst political blunders of all time.

It is true that "worst" is a negative word, and we hoped to go positive this year. However, we think that focusing on blunders is basically lighthearted, and so clears the bar.

Now, we need help building the bracket. If you have one or more blunders that should be considered, in your view, please send 'em along! (Z)

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