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Word Cup, Round 3: Presidential Slogans

The end is near! Today, we reveal the quarterfinalists for the political slogans. First, from Group F vs. Group H:

That means that the quarterfinal matchup here, appropriately enough, is Hope vs. Make America Great Again.

And from Group B vs. Group D:

That means that the quarterfinal matchup here is Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too! vs. A New Deal for America. America's shortest-serving president against its longest-serving.

Here are some reader comments on these various clashes:

Here is the ballot for this round. And, of course, we continue to welcome comments.

Also, the thing that clued us into the fact that yesterday's posting did not properly go live was the utter lack of response to the suggestions for the bracket competition. We were flabbergasted that nobody saw fit to offer up a single blunder for consideration. Of course, we eventually figured out what the problem was, and now we've gotten a bunch, but the mailbox is definitely still open. Note that we're going to take the suggestion of several readers, and switch the title from "Worst Blunders" to "Greatest Blunders." As reader T.P. in Cleveland observed: "Think positive! Some of these blunders will be tremendous! Stupendous! Awesome!" Fair enough. Some of them might even be bigly. (Z)

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