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Chip Roy Endorses Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis isn't even running for president yet but yesterday he got his first congressional endorsement. It came from Rep. Charles "Chip" Roy (R-TX), a very outspoken and hard-line member of the Freedom Caucus. In the past, the Freedom Caucus was very Trumpy. Is this the first sign that the dam is about to break? We don't know, but it gives Trump something to worry about.

What does Roy like about DeSantis? Well, he praised the governor's "faith in God" and his being a "dedicated husband and father." We haven't spoken with DeSantis' children, so we don't know if he is a good father, but is this really a key quality for being president? If so, then George Washington wasn't a good president because he wasn't a good father (he never had children), while John Tyler must have been a great president because he had children coming out of his ears (15 in total). Fortunately, Roy also praised DeSantis' opposition to woke corporations as another reason to support him. (V)

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