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"George Santos" Files for Reelection

Rep. "George Santos" (R-NY) appears to have a tin ear or some other perceptual deficit. He seems to have missed the many, many calls from members of his own party that he not only not run for reelection, but that he resign from Congress right now due to his multitude of lies. And not only is he not resigning, he just filed the paperwork to run for reelection in 2024. If he thinks he could win even the Republican primary, let alone the general election in a swing district that the Democrats will pour millions into, he is totally delusional. Though note that filing doesn't require him to run. He could back out later. It just makes it possible for him to run.

The House Ethics Committee is looking into some aspects of his 2022 run. Specifically, there are allegations of sexual harassment against him and the Committee is investigating them. The Committee could recommend that "Santos" be expelled from the House, but expulsions are very rare. Although Republicans are embarrassed by "Santos," they don't want to expel him because they fear the Democrats would win the resulting special election.

State and federal prosecutors are looking at his campaign. They are curious about how he went from a salary of $55,000 and no assets during his 2020 run to loaning his 2022 campaign $705,000 in 2022. If he somehow earned over a million dollars in 2021, did he pay taxes on it? And if he didn't, did some billionaire in his district give him the money and then he pretended he was spending his own money? That sort of straw-man construction is illegal. (V)

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