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EMILY's List Has, Well, a List

EMILY's List is a pro-choice group that gives money to pro-choice Democratic women running for public office. Emily isn't the name of the founder. It stands for "Early Money Is Like Yeast." This seems to be the season for lists of House candidates that one group or another will endorse and fund. Monday we had the DCCC's "defend" list. Yesterday we added the NRCC's "attack" list. Today we have EMILY's list, along with whether they are also on both parties' lists, as follows. The final three columns in each list refer to EMILY's list (E), the DCCC (D) and the NRCC (R), respectively:

District PVI Incumbent E D R
AK-AL R+8 Mary Peltola X X X
WA-03 R+5 Marie Perez X X X
PA-07 R+2 Susan Wild X X X
KS-03 R+1 Sharice Davids X X X
OH-13 R+1 Emilia Sykes X X X
District PVI Incumbent E D R
CO-08 EVEN Yadira Caraveo X X X

District PVI Incumbent E D R
VA-07 D+1 Abigail Spanberger X X X
MN-02 D+1 Angie Craig X X X
MI-03 D+1 Hillary Scholten X X X
WA-08 D+1 Kim Schrier X X X
NV-03 D+1 Susie Lee X X X
NV-01 D+3 Dina Titus X   X
CT-05 D+3 Jahana Hayes X X X
IL-13 D+3 Nikki Budzinski X X  
OR-06 D+4 Andrea Salinas X X X
CO-07 D+4 Brittany Pettersen X    
IL-14 D+4 Lauren Underwood X    
OR-04 D+4 Val Hoyle X   X

Of the 18 House members EMILY's list wants to help, 13 are also on the DCCC and NRCC target lists. Three (Titus, Budzinski, and Hoyle) are on one list but not the other. Reps. Brittany Pettersen (D-CO) and Lauren Underwood (D-IL) are on neither of the party lists. Both are in D+4 districts. Probably the Democrats thought they were reasonably safe and the Republicans essentially agreed. The X X X congresswomen are going to have the most competitive races. If you want to get involved in a House race, these are the people to support or oppose.

One thing that is certain, though, is the ads that EMILY's List will run will all be about abortion and will highlight the candidates' support for women's right to control their own bodies. That was a potent issue in 2022 and with EMILY's List jumping in now, it is certain to be that again in 2024. Since its inception, the group has raised and spent over $850 million and has backed 1,700 winning candidates from city council on up. (V)

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