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Hunter Biden Sues Computer Repairman Who Gave His Data to Giuliani

So far, the House Republicans haven't hauled Hunter Biden before Congress and interrogated him, but that hasn't stopped him from acting preemptively. He has now sued the computer repairman who fixed his laptop and then gave the data on it to Rudy Giuliani. In the suit, Biden says that the repairman, John Paul Mac Isaac, invaded his privacy by doing so and that the standard practice for handling an abandoned computer is to first wipe the disk clean before disposing of it. Biden's lawyers are seeking to depose Giuliani and Steve Bannon.

In the suit, Biden does not admit that the laptop is even his. He says he does not have sufficient information to determine that. But apparently he does have sufficient information to know that the information Mac Isaac gave Giuliani was his. It's a bit awkward here.

Although the House hasn't come after Biden yet, potentially he has other problems. The DoJ is in the process of deciding whether to bring criminal charges against him for alleged tax offenses and his failure to disclose his drug use when he applied to buy a handgun in 2018. If the DoJ proceeds with charges, that will instantly become very big news. If it decides it doesn't have a case, Republicans will try to turn that into even bigger news. (V)

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