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No Such Thing as Bad Publicity?

There's an old saying that there's no such thing as bad publicity. There's also a variant that says the only bad publicity is your obituary. Donald Trump may be proving those aphorisms true right now, as his claim that he's going to be arrested today by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has once again made him the belle of the ball, at least for now.

So many people have been longing for the day of Trump's arrest that it's really no surprise that this photo (and several others like it) went viral yesterday:

Three police officers arrest Donald Trump

It's not real, of course, since he hasn't been arrested as of the moment we write this. The photo was created by AI. Clearly, there's still work to be done bringing the AI up to speed because this could never pass for the real thing. His head looks (too) plastic, the lighting is inconsistent, and the hands are wrong (Trump appears to have only four fingers). Perhaps most obvious, however, is that while he may not be as tall as he claims, Trump is over 6', and the (fake) person in the photo most certainly isn't 6' tall. Nearly as obvious: The person in the photo is far too trim to be Trump. Those are something like size 34 pants, and we would guess he hasn't worn size 34 since he was in high school.

Other than propagating memes like this one, Democrats have largely been silent on the supposedly imminent arrest. Not so Republicans. Let's just run down some of the responses:

We will see within the next few hours if Trump's prediction proves correct and, if so, if it results in some photos like the one above. George Conway pointed out yesterday that Trump is the rare accused felon who might actually want a perp walk, as it could help him whip the base into a lather. (Z)

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