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The Word Cup Quiz

We wanted to wrap up the Word Cup with a bit of icing for the cake. So, how about a quiz? First, as a reminder, here are the slogans that were part of the competition:

Non-presidential, Group I: Martial Slogans
     •  Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death!
     •  Remember the Alamo!
     •  Remember the Maine!
     •  Remember Pearl Harbor!

Non-presidential, Group II: Reactionary SLogans
     •  The Chinese Must Go
     •  Kill the Indian, Save the Man
     •  Better Dead than Red
     •  Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever

Non-presidential, Group III: Reform Slogans
     •  Votes for Women
     •  Make Love, Not War
     •  There Is No Planet B
     •  #MeToo

Non-presidential, Group IV: The Fight for Equality
     •  Si, Se Puede
     •  We Shall Overcome
     •  We're Here. We're Queer. Get Used to It
     •  Black Lives Matter

Presidential, Group I: Before the Civil War
     •  Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
     •  54-40 or fight
     •  Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Speech, Free Men, Fremont
     •  Lincoln and Liberty, Too!

Presidential, Group II: From the Civil War to World War II
     •  Let Us Have Peace
     •  Ma, Ma, where's my Pa?
     •  Keep Cool and Keep Coolidge
     •  A New Deal for America

Presidential, Group III: After World War II
     •  Give Em Hell, Harry!
     •  I like Ike
     •  In Your Guts You Know He's Nuts
     •  It's Morning Again in America

Presidential, Group IV: 21st Century
     •  Hope
     •  Feel the Bern!
     •  Jeb!
     •  Make America Great Again

And now we will describe 10 of the slogans above; all you have to do is figure out which one it is in each case (there are no repeats). So, can you identify:

  1. The slogan drawn from a campaign song that mentions Kentucky and Indiana, but not the candidate's state of residence? (presumably because of rhyming issues)

  2. The slogan that would have the highest value in Scrabble (57 points), assuming no limits on the amount of tiles you can use?

  3. The slogan that was created and used by liberals, but then coopted by conservatives, who merely flipped the order of the second and the final words?

  4. The slogan that helped power its candidate to the largest electoral vote total in U.S. history?

  5. The slogan that was coined nearly 80 years before it caught fire, and was also deployed (with limited success) roughly 60 years and 40 years before catching on?

  6. The slogan that is also the title of a song performed by Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, The Kingston Trio, Donovan, and many others?

  7. The slogan used by the first president to be sworn in by a former president, and also the only president (thus far) to be sworn in by a family member?

  8. The slogan that was not actually written down until more than 40 years after it was (allegedly) first uttered?

  9. The slogan that can be anagrammed into the name of a broadcast TV network, a comic book publisher, and a popular candy (singular) OR into a Canadian province, a species of fish, and the last name a notorious former NFL quarterback?

  10. And finally, on a similar note, the slogan that can be anagrammed into the last name of a British head of state who was neither a monarch nor a prime minister, a portion of a roof, and a word that Santa says repeatedly OR a Best Picture-winning film of the 21st century, a Sesame Street character, a species of fish, and a word that means "solemn promise"?

Answers on Friday! (Z)

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