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How to Defeat Trump?

Politico's Jack Shafer usually has interesting things to say. And his latest is a piece headlined "Stormy Daniels and Karl Rove Know How to Beat Trump: A Real Strategy for Ron DeSantis." There are basically three arguments that Shafer makes:

We don't disagree with any of this advice, per se, though we will point out two things. The first is that following this playbook might allow DeSantis to wrest the Republican nomination away from Trump, particularly if Trump is indicted, but it's going to leave the Governor in a perilous place for the general election. The second is that DeSantis is even worse at snark than Trump is. Every time DeSantis tries to jab someone, the line lands with a thud. Maybe it's something about today's Republican politicians, because Ted Cruz is also just awful at this, as is Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). We're a long ways away from the time when Ronald Reagan was king of the zingers and Walter Mondale wouldn't know a joke line if it bit him.

Undoubtedly, DeSantis is getting a lot of this sort of advice, not only from the media but also from people in his inner circle. We shall see what he does with it, probably sooner rather than later, as he's currently ceding ground to Trump in the polls. (Z)

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