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No Arrest This Week

By the time you read this, the workweek will be about half over. That alone suggests that Donald Trump isn't going to be arrested this week, since these things take time, and the process would really need to be underway for him to be in handcuffs by Friday.

There's also another pretty good indicator that this isn't the week: the grand jury has other items on its agenda. The members are not going to meet today, and tomorrow and Friday, they have other cases to consider. This does not suggest an imminent indictment.

Next week, then? Possibly. But mid-April seems more likely at this point. And that leaves us with the question of exactly how Trump jumped the gun so badly. Did he misunderstand what his attorneys were telling him? Or did he make a conscious decision to jump the gun because he thought doing so would help him in some way? We'll be very interested to find out the answer to that question once Maggie Haberman gets around to writing a book on the whole affair. (Z)

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