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Christie Will Not Support GOP Nominee If It Is Trump

Axios has a scoop: Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie has flatly said that he will not support Donald Trump, even if Trump wins the GOP nomination. He's the first high-profile Republican politician to say that point blank with no qualifications, although Chris Sununu sort of said something vaguely like that (but added that he didn't think Trump would get the nomination, so it didn't matter). Christie is toying with a run and said he will decide on it before the summer. If he does jump in, he might try to be the "Never Trump ever again" candidate. It is risky and it probably won't work, but if it ends up being a badly damaged Trump, a wooden DeSantis, six wishy-washy mini-Trumps, and Christie, maybe he might have a small chance, although we have our doubts.

Where Christie could be important, if he has the guts, is in the general election. Suppose Trump is the nominee and Christie goes around telling Republicans to write in DeSantis or Mike Pence or vote for the Libertarian candidate or anyone other than Trump. Could that deprive Trump of just enough votes to sink him? Who knows? Also, it remains to be seen whether he has the fortitude to actually active oppose his party's nominee. That wouldn't make him terribly popular with the Republican powers that be. Still, having one Republican who can get media attention actively dissing Trump for the next year and a half might be interesting to watch. (V)

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