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Rabbit Food or Junk Food?

Axios has an interesting item about Joe Biden's dietary habits. He's quite famous, of course, for his love of ice cream. And, as it turns out, it's not just ice cream, it's pretty much all carbs. Given his druthers, he'd apparently dine almost exclusively on pizza, pasta, peanut butter sandwiches, quesadillas and desserts. And while the President doesn't drink liquor, he does consume more than his fair share of orange Gatorade.

Meanwhile, despite it being something of a cliché, First Lady Jill Biden is constantly after her husband to choose more healthy options. She pretty much does whatever she can to get fish and vegetables before him at mealtime. For example, when First Sister (is that a title?) Valerie Biden Owens came to the White House, the First Lady had the chefs whip up salmon in a pastry shell with a medley of vegetables. "Damn, she makes me eat this healthy stuff all the time," complained the President, who then snuck a piece of lemon pound cake with ice cream once his wife was not looking.

We only pass this along for one reason: This kind of information doesn't get out unless someone in the White House wants it to get out. And the clear message here is that the President deals with the same relatively minor health-related challenges that countless other men (and women) deal with every day, nothing more, nothing less. Putting that out there is a not-too-shabby way of subtly trying to undermine the apparent perception (which we wrote about yesterday) that he's less healthy than the Big-Mac-guzzling Donald Trump. (Z)

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